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November 06, 2001

The letters are sent by General Council Stuart Harbinson and WTO Director General Mike Moore to Qatar's Minister of Finance, Economy and Commerce Yousef Hussain Kamal. He will

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November 05, 2001

October 30, 2001

October 26, 2001

October 22, 2001

The existence of antidumping and countervailing duty orders on certain product categories did not appear to have had a significant influence on commissioners' decision to find injury, as many products under order --

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October 19, 2001

It is of particular importance, these sources said, that the president reach out to members with agricultural interests --

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October 18, 2001

In another change from the Thomas bill, he wants to require that the congressional trade committees

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October 17, 2001

Trade officials the Singapore meeting showed no progress toward agreement on a separate declaration regarding the Agreement on Trade-Related Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPs).

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October 16, 2001

Secretary of State Colin Powell has thrown his weight behind the current effort in Congress to grant fast-track trade negotiating authority to President Bush.

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October 15, 2001

The U.S. International Trade Commission will vote early next week on whether or not steel imports have caused injury to domestic producers of a wide range of steel products, ending the first phase of a section 201 investigation launched by the Bush Administration.

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October 12, 2001