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October 06, 2003

Language to amend the Section 211 trademark law, which is now under consideration by House and Senate conferees to the Defense authorization bill, is expected to eliminate all references to the term “designated national” in an effort to ensure that the law applies to US as well as foreign companies.

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October 03, 2003

Backed by the House leadership, Ways & Means Committee chairman Bill Thomas (R-CA) may mark up a revised version of a bill to repeal the Foreign Sales Corporation tax provision as early as next week, according to a committee aide.

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A European Commission spokesperson today (Oct. 3) described as “very welcome” developments in the House and Senate indicating that the U.S. is moving towards complying with an adverse World Trade Organization ruling against the foreign sales corporation (FSC) and its successor regime.

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October 02, 2003

The European Union's top court this week threw out a lawsuit by two French food companies seeking damages for the EU's failure to lift its ban on beef raised with artificial growth hormones after it had been found to violate international trade rules by a World Trade Organization dispute settlement panel.

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September 29, 2003

September 22, 2003

The Bush Administration earlier this month began a new effort to convince Cuban Americans in Miami that it is taking real steps to help bring about democratic reform in Cuba, an effort that so far involves outlining the administration’s accomplishments with Cuba to groups that have been skeptical that any real progress is being made.

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September 14, 2003

CANCUN--In the face of lagging progress on the final scheduled day of the World Trade Organization's Cancun ministerial, officials are beginning to speculate on whether they should move away from the notion of a consensus document, according to informed sources.

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CANCUN--The fifth ministerial of the World Trade Organization collapsed yesterday afternoon (Sept. 14) when countries could not strike a compromise on the so-called Singapore issues.

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CANCUN--After reviewing the new draft ministerial declaration, many members of the World Trade Organization seemed united in their criticism, according to WTO spokesman Keith Rockwell.

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CANCUN--The revised ministerial declaration reveals that countries have made no progress on reconciling their differences because the draft shows few changes from the one prepared for Cancun.

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CANCUN--Deputy U.S. Trade Representative Josette Shiner this morning (Sept. 14) told reporters that “over the next few hours” a clearer sense would emerge as to whether the World Trade Organization's fifth ministerial would have to be extended into next week.

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CANCUN--Opposition in the European Union to the new draft declaration's agriculture text is based as much on its provisions to cut domestic subsidies as it is on fighting language that would have a future agriculture set and an end date for the elimination of export subsidies, according to informed sources.

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CANCUN--On the fifth day of the Cancun ministerial, ministers early this morning focused on how to handle the four so-called Singapore issues in the draft declaration, postponing a green room session on the agriculture provisions of the declaration until later today (Sept. 14).

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CANCUN--European Union Trade Commissioner Pascal Lamy has conceded that the Cancun ministerial will not yield explicit consensus on modalities for negotiations on all four of the so-called Singapore issues and has proposed that the issues be unbundled and treated individually, said European Commission spokesperson Arancha Gonzalez.

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CANCUN--European Union Agriculture Commissioner Franz Fischler told reporters shortly before 3:00 pm that the Cancun ministerial had collapsed.

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September 13, 2003

CANCUN--The dynamics in the agriculture negotiations may have shifted today (Sept. 12) with the emergence of a new group of developing countries focused on a different approach to the agriculture negotiations than the G-21 by calling for special protections for small farmers.

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CANCUN--World Trade Organization members are at a critical negotiating juncture on the third day of the ministerial, as they were awaiting a revised declaration with new texts on agriculture and four other key sections prepared on the basis of deliberations held by five facilitators since the beginning of the ministerial conference.

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CANCUN--The chairman of the World Trade Organization's ministerial yesterday (Sept. 12) announced he would end the negotiating process on a compromise declaration once a new text had been released by 11am Saturday, thus beginning a new consultation process.

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CANCUN--World Trade Organization members have been unable to resolve their differences on how future industrial market access negotiations should be conducted, with that sector posing a major problem in the drafting of a new ministerial declaration, according to officials familiar with the negotiations. As a result, the draft declaration expected to be released today will not likely show more consensus than the declaration sent to Cancun, according to officials.

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CANCUN--The revised Cancun ministerial text released this afternoon tries to strike a balance between the demands of the major players in the agriculture negotiations, with significant nods to a group of developing countries led by Brazil and China that have called for a specific date to end export subsidies, tighter restrictions on trade-distorting domestic support and lesser market access concessions for developing countries.

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