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Inside U.S. Trade - 04/21/2017
  • Trump promises 'big changes' or withdrawal from NAFTA, slams TPA rules

    President Trump on April 18 promised "big changes" in a renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement -- or threatened to otherwise get rid of the deal -- and blasted the requirements and time lines laid out in the Trade Promotion Authority law as "horrendous" and "ridiculous."

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  • Trump orders Ross to expedite '232' investigation into steel imports

    President Trump has ordered Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross to hasten the department's investigation into the national security implications of steel imports, which Ross said can be completed within the 270-day time line laid out in Section 232 of the Trade Expansion Act.

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  • Treasury finds no currency manipulators, adds criteria based on deficits

    The Treasury Department has not found that any country meets its criteria for currency manipulation in a much-anticipated report that for the first time says any country that accounts for "a large and disproportionate share" of the U.S. trade deficit will be more closely monitored.

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  • Speaker Ryan asserts U.S. will chart paths forward on TTIP and a UK deal

    House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) said in London on April 19 that the U.S. will "chart a path forward" on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership with Europe, but gave no indication of whether the Trump administration shares his view.

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  • Pence says 'Economic Dialogue' may lead to Japan FTA negotiations

    The U.S.-Japan Economic Dialogue may produce work that eventually leads to the negotiation of a bilateral free trade deal between the two countries, Vice President Mike Pence said April 18 in Tokyo alongside Japanese Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso following the first meeting of the economic dialogue.

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  • Trump signs executive order reviewing Buy American laws, exemptions

    President Trump, during a visit to Wisconsin on April 18, signed an executive order directing the "systematic review" of Buy American laws and the exemptions to those laws granted to trading partners, as well as the reform of U.S. guest worker programs, particularly H-1B visas.

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  • Canadian ambassador defends dairy policies in letter to U.S. governors

    Following President Trump's charge that U.S. dairy farmers have suffered from "some very unfair things" in Canada, the country's envoy to Washington, David MacNaughton, said U.S. claims are not based on fact -- and that Canada is living up to its international trade obligations.

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  • Lawmakers see new emphasis on trade enforcement in Korea steel action

    Lawmakers are suggesting that the Commerce Department's first-ever use of new congressional authority to impose steeper dumping margins on certain Korean steel producers heralds a new approach to trade enforcement that could have ramifications for U.S. dealings with other countries, including China.

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  • Insurance groups: No need for clarifications in U.S.-EU covered agreement

    Four insurance groups are urging the Trump administration to sign and implement the U.S.-EU covered agreement on insurance and reinsurance measures despite calls from lawmakers and other insurance groups for clarifications about the interpretation of the deal.

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  • Industry touts 'melted and poured' steel standard in new Trump directive

    Steel and manufacturing industry representatives are commending an April 18 executive order for reaffirming key made-in-America statutes like the so-called "melted and poured" steel standard, though they believe the implementation of any findings in a subsequent Commerce Department report to President Trump will be the "true test" of the administration's commitment to the domestic industry.

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  • Attorney: Ruling for U.S. Steel could expand ITC's '337' antitrust powers

    If the U.S. International Trade Commission rules in U.S. Steel's favor against Chinese steel manufacturers -- by agreeing that antitrust injury requirements don't need to be demonstrated under section 337 of the Tariff Act -- the implications would extend well beyond antitrust law, according to David Hickerson, partner at Foley & Lardner.

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  • Despite new criteria, no 'substantive change' seen in currency report

    Trade analysts and attorneys contend that the new element added to the Treasury Department's semiannual Foreign Exchange Rate Report -- for the first time targeting countries with disproportionate shares of the U.S. trade deficit -- could be seen as a warning shot across China's bow but doesn't have a significant immediate impact.

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  • Analysts: Brexit could lead UK to avoid TTIP snags in trade talks with U.S.

    The United Kingdom's departure from the European Union could facilitate trade negotiations between the UK and United States because the British may depart from views held by the EU that were problematic during the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership negotiations, according to analysts.

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  • U.S. blocks India's request for WTO compliance panel in poultry dispute

    The United States has blocked India's request for a WTO panel to review its compliance in a dispute won by the U.S. over once-prohibited imports of U.S. poultry due to fears of avian flu.

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  • Trade experts urge use of Section 301 to fight abusive competition laws

    A group of competition and trade policy experts is recommending that the Trump administration make use of Section 301 of the 1974 Trade Act and other trade laws to combat foreign government's use of competition law to erect trade barriers, among other suggestions to address the issue.

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  • Trump: NAFTA plan coming within two weeks, blasts Canada on dairy

    President Trump said on Thursday that his administration will lay out its plan for the renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement within two weeks, while also ripping Canadian dairy and lumber policies.

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