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U.S.-Colombia FTA News

(In Trade)
April 20, 2018

“We think we’ve done everything that is necessary and that being said we are very optimistic that we can conclude the process.”

(In Trade)
January 11, 2018

Levin: “So, by just saying 'we are going to keep talking' -- there needs to be solid action. It's as clear as that. It may not be as simple as that but it's as clear as that.”

(Daily News)
January 09, 2018

The Labor Department on Tuesday issued a progress assessment calling on Colombia to more fully comply with obligations outlined in the U.S.-Colombia Trade Promotion Agreement, a move that continues “contact point” consultations between the two governments.

(In Trade)
November 09, 2017

The country tells USTR it “persists on working on the implementation of its obligations under the U.S.-Colombian Trade Promotion Agreement.”

(Daily News)
October 27, 2017

Industry groups are calling on the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative to elevate Colombia to its list of most egregious intellectual property violators, claiming that Bogota's IP regime runs afoul of commitments it made in its trade agreement with the U.S. and violates World Trade Organization obligations.

(Daily News)
October 13, 2017

Top Democrats on the Senate Finance and House Ways & Means committees this week lamented what they view as a lack of response from the Labor Department on its assessment of any progress made by Colombia in an ongoing labor dispute under the U.S.-Colombia free trade agreement.

(Daily News)
July 20, 2017

Following meetings between U.S. and Colombian officials in Washington, DC, this week, U.S. lawmakers said they believe Colombia has considerable work left to do to get its labor standards in check in an ongoing dispute under the U.S.-Colombia Trade Promotion Agreement.

(In Trade)
May 09, 2017

“Remember that NAFTA was opposed by Democrats because of its lack of labor and environmental standards. We were right.”

(In Trade)
March 16, 2017

The group “is comprised of over a dozen companies” that will seek to build on private-sector cooperation between the countries.

(In Trade)
February 09, 2017

Sen. Murray: Puzder will have “a lot of explaining to do.”

(In Trade)
January 13, 2017

“Colombia will continue to enhance our efforts to guarantee the rights of our workers.”

(Daily News)
January 11, 2017

A new U.S. Department of Labor report, released on Jan. 11 after a six-month investigation, says Colombia is falling short of its labor commitments under the U.S.-Colombia free trade agreement, triggering the initiation of “contact point” consultations between both governments.

(Daily News)
January 05, 2017

Business and labor sources alike are suggesting that Labor Secretary-designate Andy Puzder and the incoming Trump administration will pursue three pending labor disputes in free trade agreements with Latin American countries, saying that following through on Obama administration efforts in the cases meshes with candidate Donald Trump's calls for holding trading partners accountable.

(Daily News)
December 07, 2016

A new U.S.-Colombia Advisory Council including business leaders from both countries intends to produce specific recommendations for the Colombian government on trade-related issues and offer new ways to deepen economic and business partnerships, according to Colombia and U.S. officials.

(Daily News)
November 04, 2016

The AFL-CIO is urging the U.S. Department of Labor to meet a deadline for completing its investigation on enforcement of labor standards in Colombia under the U.S.-Colombia Free Trade Agreement and avoid a dispute settlement phase that could last for years, as it has in a separate labor case involving Guatemala.

(Daily News)
July 15, 2016

The U.S. Department of Labor has accepted a petition filed by Colombian labor unions and the AFL-CIO accusing the Colombian government of failing to abide by the labor provisions of its free trade agreement with the United States.