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U.S.-Colombia FTA News

(Daily News)
March 16, 2012

The Colombian government is poised to submit to the country's Congress as early as today (March 16) a package of legislation needed to implement the U.S.-Colombia free trade agreement, and is pressing for congressional approval of the bill prior to President Obama's trip to Colombia on April 14-15 to attend the Summit of the Americas.

(Daily News)
February 06, 2012

Obama administration officials last week said they are generally satisfied with Colombia's implementation of the action plan on labor rights to date, and view the Colombian government as so far having met all the milestones laid out in the plan, according to Colombian Labor Minister Rafael Pardo.

(Daily News)
January 30, 2012

Colombian Labor Minister Rafael Pardo is slated to meet in Washington this week with Obama administration officials and the chairmen of the two congressional trade committees in order to discuss the Colombian government's labor policies and its implementation of a labor action plan that was crucial to advancing the U.S.-Colombia free trade agreement last year, according to a Colombian official.

(Daily News)
January 09, 2012

The Obama administration this week pledged to provide the Senate with quarterly briefings on Colombia's progress in implementing a bilateral action plan on labor rights and to share relevant reports issued by the Colombian government, but did not commit to issuing annual, formal reports on Colombia's action plan compliance as was requested last year by four senators.

(Daily News)
December 17, 2011

GENEVA – The U.S. and Colombia are actively engaged in Colombia’s implementation of a labor action plan that President Obama and Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos unveiled in April to address labor rights problems and increase congressional support for the bilateral free trade agreement.