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U.S.-Peru FTA News

(Daily News)
October 03, 2015

ATLANTA – The Peruvian government has pledged to its domestic apparel industry that it will try to seek a commitment from the United States in the context of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations to allow Peru and Colombia to jointly produce apparel items that would qualify for duty preferences under either country's bilateral free trade agreement with the U.S., according to a Peruvian business representative. 

(Daily News)
September 30, 2015

The Peruvian government is fighting back against claims that it has not fully complied with the environmental provisions of the U.S.-Peru free trade agreement, but an English-language document it released this month as part of this campaign in fact shows that Lima as of mid-2014 had still not fully implemented 10 of its 29 obligations under the deal's forestry annex.

(Daily News)
August 04, 2015

SANTA ANA PUEBLO, N.M. – U.S. sugar producers are pushing back against Canada's demands to boost its access to the U.S. sugar market under the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), arguing that Canada has a less compelling case than Australia because it already has ample access to the U.S. market and limited production capacity.

(Daily News)
August 29, 2014

A U.S. government delegation that traveled to Lima this week met with Peruvian officials to gather more information on labor and environmental reforms enacted in July that civil society groups claim violate Peru's commitments under its bilateral free trade agreement with the United States.